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Welcome to Perfect Partners Equine
A Unique and Effective Team Approach to Horse Training

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Perfect Partners Equine (PPE) is a team based philosophy shared by four diverse individuals, rather than a one-man-show. We believe that there is more than just one method to train horses and that the concept of respect, individual attention and a low-stress, relaxed and FUN approach to horsemanship is more important than following one trainer’s strict method that is deemed “the only key to success.”

Fact is, there are many proven, successful methods to train horses in a non-stressful and respectful way. Because we are experienced in all areas of the equine world, we have been able to study these methods and have developed an open minded approach to training horses, based on individual needs or circumstances. We believe that horses are a lot like people in that they are all different in how they learn new things, based on their abilities, their personalities and temperament. We take all of these factors into consideration which allows us to develop a plan that requires the least amount of pressure to achieve desired results. 

During our clinics, we intentionally create a teamwork oriented atmosphere where participants can enjoy working with different trainers throughout the clinic. Rather than having to settle for one strict idea, participants are able to draw from many resources with the goal of embracing what’s best for horse and rider. In addition, each event hosts an array of special guests, speakers and equine professionals. At PPE we believe that horse training does not have to be a puzzle. Great things can happen when all the pieces fall into place.

"I cannot say enough about Perfect Partners Equine! This was the most informative and hands on clinic I have ever been to. Each day was full of fun with lots of coaching and learning going on. Lots of individual attention was given to each person when needed and then each was sent off to practice our skills. If they saw something that could be done another way to get better results they would not only tell you but show you how to do it and then let you practice while they helped someone else These clinicians were all very approachable and easy to talk to. I always felt that I could ask questions without feeling intimidated by them. They are all very down to earth and really wanted to help me improve my horsemanship skills. And they did!! Each time I had a question or concern, I felt I had their undivided attention. Each day we had speakers at lunch that were all very interesting. This clinic was well above and beyond any expectations I had. I am already saving and getting ready for another in the near future. Anyone who attends a clinic with Perfect Partners will go home with lots of knew info that will really benefit owners and horses in so many ways." ~ Jenifer Ravenel 


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